We feature a wide selection of brunch, lunch and dinner courses, all fresh from out kitchen and from local sources.


       Hressó Pizza


Napoli Pizza (Margarita)

Fresh Basil, cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese.              

                                                         2.590 kr.


Bjarni Fel Pizza (The one and only)

Pepperoni, cream cheese, mushrooms, black olives, black pepper and garlic.

                                                         2890 kr.


Spanish Pizza (El Spanial)

Chorizo, green pesto, cherry tomatoes, black pepper and lemon filled olives.

                                                 2990 kr.


Hveragerðis Pizza (The Green One)

Dates, garlic, rucola, fresh red onion, cherry tomatoes and spicy garlic mayonnaise.

                                                 2790 kr.


Vestmannaeyjar Pizza (Sea Food)

Jumbo shrimps, garlic, fresh chili, coriander and mango.

                                                 2990 kr.


Kjósar Pizza (The Ham-ed)

Country ham, bacon, mushrooms, cream cheese and fresh basil.

                                                 2890 kr.



Italian Pizza ( Parma-ed)

Italian parma ham, rucola and fresh parmesan.

                                                   2990 kr.